Oct 19, 2012

Bread Pudding Recipe 2

Bread Pudding Recipe 2" pan (aprox. 9x11)

12 Each       Croissants baked, and torn into 1/4 size pieces, aprox 1 gallon of bread pieces.

4 cups          Milk

4 cups          Cream

1.5  cups      Sugar

2Tb.             Vanilla Extract

1 Tb.            Cinnamon

2 cups          Whole Eggs

Preheat oven to 400' F.

Combine cream, milk,  sugar, eggs and cinnamon into a bowl and whisk together until incorporated well and is frothy.

Place Croissant pieces loosely in a 9x11 oiled pan, pour cream and sugar mixture over croissants and stir slightly to allow custard to soak the Croissant completely.

Cover pan with plastic wrap and then aluminum foil, bake at 300' F starting at 60 min. check bread pudding after 60min by uncovering and inserting a knife in the center looking for liquid custard. Recover and continue to give 10 min intervals checking each time. When the center shows no liquid custard, it is finished.. Serve with Carmel sauce and sweetened whip cream.

Apple Caramel Sauce

1 Cup      White Sugar

1 Cup      Heavy Cream

1 Tb.       Cold Water

10 each   Tart Apples of choice (Diced)

Add the sugar into a thick bottomed pan and cook until sugar melts. Keep swirling the pan so that the sugar can cook evenly.

Once the sugar has reached a deep amber color, pull it off the heat and add a table spoon of cold water to shock the sugar. It will foam up, so make sure you're using a pan with high sides. Stir until it's completely melted into the sugar.

Next, pour in the cream, it will again foam up, whisk in until sugar is dissolved and is mostly smooth.  Next add diced apples, allow apples to cook slowly to release moisture into the caramel sauce but not evaporating.  Keep warm and serve over bread pudding.


  1. Do you really cook this in the oven with plastic wrap on it? It seems as if a step is missing, doesn't it need to soak for a while,hence the need for the plastic wrap, but then the plastic wrap would be removed before baking.

    1. Thanks for your comment! We spoke with the chefs, and they use a commercial grade plastic wrap, which is much thicker than the stuff used in home kitchens. Yes, they bake with it on because it holds up well and will retain the moisture in the pan. Without the plastic wrap, it dries out too much. If you're (understandably) concerned about baking with consumer grade plastic wrap at home, you might try altering the recipe/procedure until you can produce similar results by other means. If you find something that works for you, let us know so we can report the results to our readers.

  2. sounds awesome! I'll definitely have to try this soon! Kathy Ramos