Oct 18, 2012

Halloween Murder Mystery Date

By: Amberly Asay

Halloween is in the air, and what is more fun than scaring someone?  Scaring your date.  To create some holiday fun and tension in the air, put together a murder mystery dinner.  Murder mysteries are not that difficult to arrange and are incredibly fun.

You can purchase/download a game from the internet and pick your themes as well.  Assign everyone their specific character, and wait for the night to unfold.  There is not very much preparation required for the game (because most of it comes in the kit or the download) but there are some things you should prepare for the meal.

We suggest doing some light appetizers and fruit, a nice main course meal and several different drinks served through out the night.  Accusations and mystery solving can be quite exhausting and make guests incredibly thirsty. 

Once the evening is over and the murder has been revealed it is time to relax and eat dessert. 

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