Oct 23, 2012

Pumpkin Cooler

By: Amberly Asay

College students do not generally have all the materials they did when living at home.  One of those things being a cooler.  When hosting a party it is nice to have drinks and other foods chilled, but finding a cooler can be difficult.  Plus, storage space is usually scarce when you're living in an apartment.

For any fall party simply purchase a giant pumpkin.  Clean out all of the pumpkin guts and seeds and fill with ice.  If you really want it to be festive you can fill it with dry ice and watch the fog appear.  If you do this, be careful to cover the dry ice so you don't burn yourself on it.

This not only gives you an instant cooler but a very festive decoration.  Enjoy your cool drinks as well as your party. 

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