Nov 26, 2012

Care Week

By: Amberly Asay

Care week is one week every semester where clubs are allowed to raise money on campus for non-profit organizations. This year’s Care Week will take place November 26 through December 1.

All of the academic and BYUSA clubs are invited to participate as well as other organizations on campus.

Sarah Jacobsen, a sophomore, serves as an Executive Director in the Clubs area in BYUSA. She is looking forward to the event and all of the good it can do.

“It's a great way to give back and help people not just at BYU but all around the world,” Jacobsen said.

Care week was created because clubs used to be allowed to raise money for charities at any time on campus and students were being asked to donate several times throughout the year. In allowing fundraising for one week a year, students aren’t being asked to donate as often.

Look for your favorite club, or help a club fundraise for a non-profit in need.

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