Jun 27, 2012

Scottish Festival

By: Amberly Asay
As dusk approaches, the sound of bagpipes drift through the night air.  The crowds chitter chatter can be heard beneath the melodies played at the ceilidh.  The anticipation can be felt through the atmosphere for the competitions, parades and food tomorrow will bring.  Welcome to the 29th annual Payson Scottish Festival.

The Payson Scottish Festival began in 1983 and is in fact the only free Scottish festival in the Western United States. The event begins Friday, July 13 with a Ceilidh, the Gaelic word for a party or festival, and then end the next day with athletic competitions, dance competitions, food and lots of bagpipe music.   

Mark Ethridge, the committee chair of public relations and sponsors, said the festival is part of the summer activities and great for families.

“The festival started out as a fundraiser for the Payson High School pipe band and has grown into what it is today,” Ethridge said. “Every year we have countless local volunteers that help make the festival continue.”

The next morning, July 14, the festivities kick off with a 5k race, a parade and opening ceremonies.  From 8am-5pm the competitions begin throughout the park.  

The Highland Athletic Events originate back to the Scottish Games in the 11th century.  The competitions were a way for men to prove their worth and show their speed, strength and agility.  The competitions include: Stone Puts, Weight for Distance, Hammer, Caber Toss, Weight for Height and the Sheaf Toss. 

The highland activities will also include the Scottish dances.  The dances were originally wartime dances used to show physical prowess, stamina and agility.  The dancers are judged on three things: their timing, technique and overall appearance. 

Cheryl Brown and her husband Larry, belong to the festival board as the food vendor chairmen.  They have been attending the festival for the past 10 years.

“The crowds love the Scottish games and the bands the most,” Brown said. “It is a free event and the Payson Park is full of thousands of people.” 

The Scottish festival features bagpipes and drum competitions with many bands coming from out of state.  The festival has several vendors and clans that you can become a part of.  Come look at the Scottish merchandise as well as the wonderful food.   

 “In our food booth we serve the ethnic food such as Scotch eggs, Haggis (made at BYU catering), corned beef and cabbage, trifle, and shortbread,” Brown said. “We also have fish and chips, pork sandwiches, twisted taters, hamburgers, hot dogs, root beer, etc…”

The Payson Scottish Festival has a little bit of fun for everyone.  With parades, music food, children events and much more, you are sure to have a jolly good old day. For a more through list of the events, go to www.paysonscottishfestival.org.

Fresh Peach and Raspberry Cobbler

Summer is in the air and for many of us that means it is cobbler time.  With our work schedules and other conflicts it may be difficult for us to escape to the mountains and make our delicious crockpot meals.  Luckily we have a cobbler recipe that we can make in the oven and pretend like we are in the forest enjoying the night skies. 

Fresh Peach and Raspberry Cobbler
8 Ea          Fresh Peaches - peeled, pitted and diced
1/2 CP      Fresh Raspberries
1/2 CP      Brown Sugar
1/2 Stick   Butter Small Cubed
1  tsp        Cinnamon
1 TB          Fresh Lemon Juice
3 TB          Fresh Orange Juice
2 tsp         Cornstarch 

Biscuit Topping
1.5 CP     Tree Streets 16 Grain Pancake Mix
6 TB         Cubed Chilled Butter
1 Ea         Egg
1/4 CP     Buttermilk
4 TB         Sliced almonds

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a large bowl, combine peaches,  brown sugar, Cubed Butter, cinnamon, lemon juice, Orange Juice and cornstarch. Toss to coat evenly, and pour into a 2 quart baking dish.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl, add trees streets 16 grain flour mix. Blend in butter with your fingertips, or a pastry blender, until mixture resembles coarse meal. Stir in water until just combined.  Take you eggs an buttermilk and combine until just mixed.  The consistency should be semi moist but able to crumble onto the peach filling.

Crumble the biscuit topping onto peach filling and sprinkle with almonds.  Put your cobbler into the oven and Bake for Approximately 30 minutes or until golden brown and peaches are boiling underneath the crust.  Pull product from the oven and allow to cool until warm.

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

By: Amberly Asay

Well you made it. Finals are over. The sun is shining and you finally have a break from all of the stress.  The only problem is; that you are in Provo, and you aren’t quite sure what to do.  Thankfully, Provo has more to offer than your originally thought.  Here are 25 ideas to help get your summer started.

1.  Cool off at Seven Peaks--Provo’s water park.  With dozens of slides, wave pools and hot tubs there is something for everyone at the park.  They offer the pass of all passes, which gives a person unlimited use at the water park as well as Traflaga Fun Center.  It also offers admissions to other sports. The pass lasts for 12 months.

2. A lot of summer involves patriotic activities, and Provo has the Freedom Festival.  With several events throughout the summer there are many opportunities for concerts, festivals, lectures, parades and parties.

3. If it’s raining or the sun is just too harsh, go inside for a while and enjoy some bowling.  BYU Games Center offers bowling, video games, and billiards for your entertainment.  And if you’re hungry you can even stop and get a bite to eat at Orville & Wilburs.

4.     The Twilight Concert Series are on Thursday nights, July 5- Aug 30.  Musicians across the country and from around the world come and perform.  The concerts are free, and it is great to get out, listen to music and meet new people.

5.  Rock climbing is available to people of all ages in Provo.  There are several indoor facilities as well as many outdoor routes in Utah County.

6.  Make sure to visit Bridal Veil Falls.  It is a breathtaking double cataract waterfall.  The trails around it are great for hiking, and there are even some bike trails.  You do not want to miss what nature has to offer here. 

7.  A fun, affordable treat for the summer are snow cones, and thankfully Provo has many shacks which offer such treats.  With the shaved ice, remember to try several exotic flavors and don’t be afraid to try it with cream!

8. Take a few steps back to your childhood summers, and create a lemonade stand.  This activity is also great for FHE.  It is a great way to cool off, a good way to make a little money and to create memories.

9. Want to have a fun date roasting treats but don’t want to make a fire?  No problem just light some candles and roast fruit snacks (which crystalize very nicely) and candies over the flame. There is a little mess with these delicious treats.

10. Even if it is warm outside, go to Midway’s Crater and enjoy the natural warm water.  You can relax, swim and even scuba dive.

11. As any good Provo resident, one must hike the Y.  This hike is fun for families, dates and friends and will help you stay in shape.  If you hike it around twilight, you can watch the sun set and see the city below light up.  Remember to bring a flashlight or headlight or headlamp for the hike back down.

12.  Going fishing at the swimming hole may not be a popular phrase anymore, but in Utah County there are several reservoirs and lakes available.  Just be sure to get your fishing permit (which you can purchase at Wal-Mart).

13. Unfortunately, the drive-ins were torn down but there are still outdoor movies available this summer.  Rock Canyon Park offers free movies in the park in August on Monday nights.  The Springville Arts Park (700 South 1300 East) also offers free movies on Monday nights, starting July 2nd.

14. The Manti Pageant is a favorite for most locals who participate in it.  It runs June 21-23, 26-30. The gates open at 6pm, and the pageant starts at 9:30pm.  14,000 chairs are provided for seating.

16. The Peoples Market runs June-October, 10am-3pm in Salt Lake City. There are cheap healthy foods, local produce, artisan products and entertainment. They also have 50-cent Fridays at the Sorenson Center, so you can cool off in their nice pool for only 50-cents.

18. Even though the snow is gone (or at least it should be), the Sundance Resort has many activities to keep the fun going.  With scenic lift rides, hiking trails, fly fishing, river rafting, golfing and mountain biking, you can be sure to find a summer activity for you.

19. Are you wanting to get your dancing shoes on but don’t know how?  Well, put on your cowboy boots and head on over to The Center—222 West 500 North.  Dancing begins at 9pm and goes until midnight.  Dancing is only $4 if you show up before 9:30pm and $6 if you go afterwards.    

20. Sleeping under the stars is also a very enjoyable summer activity.  There are several campgrounds around the valley and throughout the canyons.  Don’t miss this opportunity to reconnect with nature.

21. Wishing you were spending your summer near the ocean?  Well, don’t worry here in Provo you can have the best of both worlds: mountains and the ocean.  Just go to the Provo Beach Resort for surfing, ropes courses, arcade games, virtual golf, bowling, croquet and much more.  They offer endless summer passports for $99 and are good for 12 months.
21. Free concerts are also offered at the Central Utah Gardens every two weeks beginning July 15.  Visit http://www.centralutahgardens.org/classes_events_concerts.aspx for more information.

22. Want to become more cultured and learned over your summer holiday but don’t want to go to school?  Well don’t worry, the Springville Museum of Art offers several free concerts, tours and relaxing days in the sculpture garden.  For more information go to smofa.org.

23. Dive into the depths of the sea by visiting the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. The student tickets are eight dollars, and you can see exotic creatures from all around the world as well as participate in penguin encounters and stingray feedings.  At the aquarium there is some splashing fun for everyone.

24. The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center is a center that provides an opportunity for students to participate in space simulation.  They have five ships and participants can go on several missions.  The center is open to the public usually until 9pm.

25. Thanksgiving Point is known for many of its activities, but did you know that it is the biggest dinosaur museum in the United States?  Enjoy the T-Rex, hands on exploration and lectures by archeologists.

Weekly Menu Planner

Penne Pasta with Sun-dried Tomato Cream Sauce
From verybestbaking.com

    2 cups (8 oz.) dry penne pasta
    8 sun-dried tomatoes, chopped (about 1/3 cup)
    1 can (12 fl. oz.) Evaporated Milk
    2 cups (8-oz. pkg.) shredded Italian-style four-cheese blend
    1 teaspoon dried basil
    1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

PREPARE pasta according to package directions, adding sun-dried tomatoes to boiling pasta water for last two minutes of cooking time; drain.

MEANWHILE, COMBINE evaporated milk, cheese, basil, garlic powder and pepper in medium saucepan. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until cheese is melted. Remove from heat.

ADD pasta and sun-dried tomatoes to cheese sauce; stir until combined.

Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken
From allrecipes.com

    1/3 cup Dijon mustard
    1/4 cup honey
    2 tablespoons mayonnaise
    1 teaspoon steak sauce
    4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves


    Preheat the grill for medium heat.
    In a shallow bowl, mix the mustard, honey, mayonnaise, and steak sauce. Set aside a small amount of the honey mustard sauce for basting, and dip the chicken into the remaining sauce to coat.
    Lightly oil the grill grate. Grill chicken over indirect heat for 18 to 20 minutes, turning occasionally, or until juices run clear. Baste occasionally with the reserved sauce during the last 10 minutes. Watch carefully to prevent burning!

Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas
From budgetsavvydiva.com
·      8 whole Flour Tortillas
·      2 Tablespoons Butter
·      1 cups Grilled Pineapple Cubes
·      1.5 Pounds Skinless Chicken Breasts
·      Salt And Pepper, to taste
·      3 cups Cheddar and Monterrey Jack Cheese
·      1 whole Jalapeno, Sliced – Seeded
·      1 tablespoon of finely chopped Cilantro
·      3 Tablespoons Barbecue Sauce
Idaho Sunrise
From gimmesomeoven.com

    1 large baked potato (russett or sweet)
    1 Tbsp. butter
    2 eggs
    2 strips bacon, cooked and diced
    2 Tbsp. shredded cheese
    1 Tbsp. fresh parsley, chopped
    salt and freshly ground black pepper

Lay the baked potato on its side, and use a knife to carefully cut off the top third of the potato.  With a spoon, hollow out the middle of the potato to make a “bowl”, leaving the potato as thick or thin as you’d like.  (Just remember, the more room you leave, the more room for eggs, bacon and cheese!)
Place 1/2 tablespoon of butter in the middle of each bowl.  Then gently break an egg into each bowl, careful not to break the yolk.  Top with bacon, cheese, parsley, and then season with salt and pepper.
Bake at 350 degrees F for 20-25 minutes, or until the egg whites are set.  Serve immediately.
Crockpot Potato Chowder
From realmomkitchen.com
8 cups diced potatoes ($.80)
1/3 cup onion, chopped ($.18)
3 Knorr bouillon cubes (these are two teaspoons in size $.10, now I used regular bouillon cubes so I needed 6 of them to equal the Knorr ones)
6 cups water
1 10 ¾ ounce can of condensed cream of chicken soup ($.59)
1 8 ounce package of cream cheese ($1.29)
½ lb bacon, cooked and crumbled ($.85)
Dried parsley or sliced green onions for garnish – optional
Combine potatoes, onion, water, bouillon, and chicken soup in the crock pot.Cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours or until potatoes are tender. Add cream cheese to crock pot and blend.Top with bacon and parsley or onions before serving.
Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos
From kalynskitchen.com

Ingredients for Filling:
1 can (15 oz.) black beans (or use 1 1/2 cups cooked black beans)
2 large orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, diced in 1 inch cubes (about 1 1/2 lb. sweet potatoes; sometimes called yams in U.S. stores)
1/4 cup vegetable stock or canned vegetable broth
2 T fresh squeezed lime juice
1 tsp. ground cumin
1/2 tsp. ground coriander
2 tsp. minced garlic
salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

Ingredients for Burritos:
medium-sized flour tortillas (use whole wheat or low-carb tortillas for South Beach Diet)
chopped fresh cilantro for serving (optional)
shredded mozzarella cheese for serving (optional)
shredded lettuce for serving (optional)
sour cream for serving (optional)
lime pieces to squeeze on filling (optional)

If using canned black beans, drain the beans into a colander placed in the sink, rinse well until no more foam appears, and let beans drain while you prep other ingredients.   Peel sweet potatoes and cut into 1 inch cubes.

Spray the slow cooker crock with olive oil or non-stick spray.  Put beans, sweet potatoes, vegetable stock, lime juice, ground cumin, ground coriander, and minced garlic in slow cooker and cook on high for about 3 hours, or until sweet potatoes are soft to your liking.  Season the filling to taste with salt and fresh ground black pepper.

When the filling is nearly through cooking prepare toppings as desired: chopped fresh cilantro, shredded mozzarella, shredded lettuce, sour cream, and lime pieces.   Heat tortillas using the microwave or by wrapping them in foil and heating in the oven.

To assemble burritos, put a generous amount of filling inside a tortilla.  Top with cilantro, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and a squeeze of lime juice (whichever topping you are using.)  Fold one edge up to make the bottom of the finished burrito, then fold two sides in.  Serve hot, with extra lime to squeeze on at the table if desired.

Orange Rolls
From the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

2 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil
3 teaspoons salt
6 cups flour
2 eggs
2 Tablespoons (2 packages) yeast
1/2 cup warm water

1/2 cup (1 stick) soft butter
1 cup granulated sugar
grated peel of one orange
Mix together 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar and juice of one orange
(I usually juice the orange and then add the sugar to the taste and consistency I like.)

Stir milk, sugar, oil, and salt until sugar is completely dissolved. Add 2 cups of the flour and beat well. Add 2 eggs and stir in. Dissolve the 2 T. yeast in a 1/2 c. warm water and add to flour mixture. Mix in the remaining 4 cups of flour. Put some flour on a pastry board or counter and knead until dough is smooth and not sticky (more flour may be added if sticky). Put dough into greased bowl and let rise until double (about an hour) in a warm place. Divide dough into 6 parts and roll each into a circle. Spread with 1/6 of the filling mixture and cut into 8 wedges. Roll each into a crescent shape. Cover and let rise at least 1 hour in a warm place. Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Do not overcook! Pour on glaze when rolls are still warm.

Floating Centerpieces

By: Amberly Asay

Centerpieces can give some relief society presidents a hard time: who can think of a creative enough centerpiece to capture their audience?  Well this summer we have a craft for you that will capture the attention of any relief society and the world’s two most harsh elements: fire and water.

If you are anything like me you cringe when asked to do something crafty, well don’t worry.  This illuminating fire and water centerpiece is simple enough.

First, get a vase, and then pick a smaller vase to place inside.  You can attach the smaller vase to the bottom with floral adhesive.  In the space between the vases add colored water (use a food drops of food coloring to the water).  You then will place a pillar candle in the smaller vase.  Pillar candles are the most ideal for this project because of how pretty they are and the weight of the candle will keep the two vases together.  Light the candle and stand back in awe.

To give your summer night a softer glow, group multiple centerpieces with different shades of the same color on a table.  If your centerpiece will be used at church, you might consider a battery-operated candle for fire safety. 


I scream. You Scream. We all scream for ice cream.

By: Amberly Asay

With the hot summer sun beating down, our throats parch, our skin turns red and it seems there is nothing to satisfy the heat.  Thank goodness someone discovered the miracle of the frozen sweet dairy product.

As one of the nation’s most popular dessert there are thousands of waysto indulge in ice cream. You can create: mix-ins, sundaes, shakes, hard ice cream, soft ice cream and liquid nitrogen ice cream.  The possibilities are endless.

After recognizing the nation’s love for ice cream, President Ronald Reagan in 1984 designated July as National Ice Cream Month, and the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream day.  In the United States people consume around 24.2 pints of ice cream every year and 98% of all households have ice cream.

 With 40 different flavors, BYU Creamery should have any flavor you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.  The most recent new flavor combines one of BYU’s most popular desserts with ice cream: The Mint Brownie.

With a mint colored ice cream, it is loaded with chocolate and brownie chunks.  The brownie is still soft even though it is surrounded by frozen goodness, giving the ice cream a sometimes chewy texture.  If you are feeling really adventurous for the day try the Mint Brownie Ice Cream in a homemade waffle cone.  This will add to the overall experience of eating your ice cream and help get rid of a sticky mess.

Spencer Laponi Ngatuvai, from Salt Lake City, is a communications major and an avid fan of ice cream.  He could only use one word (which he screamed) to describe his love for the new flavor.

“Epic,” Ngatuvai said.

The creamery offers other flavors as well as frozen treats, but no matter where you go this summer make sure to celebrate July by eating frozen desserts.

Helpful Hints when Barbecuing

By: Amberly Asay

With the summer and barbecue season in full swing we have just a few helpful hints to make your grilling the most memorable it has ever been.

1.     For a smoky flavor use a charcoal grill.
2.     Gas grills and charcoal grills both need to be pre-heated for about 20 minutes before grilling.
3.     When grilling use a spatula rather than a fork or tongs to flip your meat, this keeps the juices intact.
4.     You can grill any vegetable but using corn on the cob is great because you already have a shell!
5.     When barbecuing fish, salmon or steelhead trout is the best because of its natural firmness.  Consider grilling it on a soaked cedar or alder plank skin-side-down.  This will keep the meat intact and give it a nice smoky flavor.
6.     Limit your flipping of meat and try to not press down on them with a spatula, this releases juices and once they are gone, they are gone.
7.     When basting make sure you save it for last so the sugar does not caramelize or burn.
8.     Refrain from opening the lid because every time you do it releases heat and smoke.
9.     Do not cross contaminate or place your cooked meat on a plate that had raw meat on it, unless the plate has been completely sanitized.
10. Make sure to have fun and enjoy your summer.

*This has nothing to do with grilling but to avoid your ice cream cones from dripping this summer, add a few mini marshmallows to the bottom of the cone before putting in the ice cream. *

Kitchen Tongs have lots of uses!

By: Amberly Asay

As the summer months are approaching, swimming, sandals, fireworks, watermelon and fun times are in full swing.  With all of the outdoor activities, the rise in your thirst increases at a startling rate.  Don’t worry. This year we can show you a way to make your homemade lemonade even more delicious and refreshing.
For the perfect ratio of lemonade you need three things: one cup of sugar, one cup of water and one cup of lemon juice.  For college students and savvy shoppers alike the price of a juicer ranges from $40-$300.  There has to be a simpler way to get the lemon juice out of the lemon.  An unlikely kitchen gadget we may not have thought of before is perfect for getting lemon juice: the kitchen tongs.

You can use a pair of sturdy kitchen tongs and get juice out of lemons, limes and oranges.  To get the most juice out of a lemon make sure that it is room temperature and then roll them under your palm around the counter a few times before cutting.  Then simply cut a lemon in half and place in-between the prongs.  Hold it over a pitcher and squeeze the open end of the prongs with both hands.  After your juice has been squeezed run it through a strainer.

Other uses:
1. Take stuff out of boiling water
2. Give them to little kids to eat Chinese food.
3. Grab things that are difficult to reach. (pots and pans might be too dangerous if dropped)
4. Take them to the garden to get fruit that is too high to reach or tucked back behind spiny leaves.
5. Use them to play games with.

Freedom Festival

By: Amberly Asay

The late night skies will be filled with explosions this summer and thank heavens it will only be in revelry.  These events will remind us of our freedom, our country and our family.  Provo celebrates America’s Freedom Festival every summer and provides many opportunities for families to come together.

America’s Freedom Festival at Provo is a foundation whose mission is to celebrate, teach, honor and strengthen the traditional American values of family, freedom, God and country.

The Freedom Festival has events all year long but the festivities really begin in June.

On June 14, at Macey’s in Provo there will be a flag retirement ceremony.  Then on June 16 at 7pm a bell concert will be at the Carillon Bell Towers.  The Carillon has been a symbol of freedom and spirit for 30 years.  Participating in the yearly concert, BYU Carillonneur Don Cook will perform patriotic pieces along with folk, Broadway, classical and original pieces for the festivities.   Bring lawn chairs, blankets and have an evening picnic while listening to the tones of the bells.

With the festivities in full swing there is no better way to celebrate America than to play its favorite pastime. The Freedom Festival has the Firecracker Softball Tournament allowing adults of all ages to come together and play some ball.  The coed teams play June 22 through 23.  The men teams play June 29 through 30.
The Freedom Awards Gala is held on June 30 in the Utah Valley Convention Center, tickets are $30 a person.  The Freedom Award is present to individuals who have “demonstrated a unique contribution to the cause of the freedoms guaranteed in the United States Constitution and the traditional American values of Family, Freedom, God and Country.”  The recipient may be from any nation and recognized for helping God’s children with the blessing of liberty.

Another anticipated event is the Patriotic Fireside held at the UCCU Center at UVU, July 1.  The program begins at 7pm and combines inspiration music, theater and patriotism into one free event.  The event stirs patriotism within each person and leaves everyone with a memorable experience.

Independence day is a big day in and of itself but with Provo’s festivities it is one that cannot be forgotten.  The morning begins with a balloon festival and attendees can enjoy The Darth Vader hot air balloon as well as 25 others. At 9am the Grand Parade will begin, highlighting freedom with band, floats, balloons and performers.

After full day of activities, July 4 ends with the Stadium of Fire.  This year the Beach Boys will be on their 50th anniversary tour and will be the star performers.  With fireworks, dancing, music, patriotic performances and fun, the event is sure not one to be missed.  It begins at 8pm at BYU Lavell Edwards Stadium.

Adam Lutz, 21, from Springville, is anticipating the adventures summer has to offer and is looking forward to the Beach Boys performance.

“I feel the beach boys have a unique sound that everyone can relate to,” Lutz said. “Their music captures the easy going feel of summer.”

These are just a few of the highlights from all of the festivities, for a more detailed list visit www.freedom festival.org for more information. 

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

L&T Salad and Soup


Sandwich served on your choice of bread with a sweet chili dressing.

Part of the new menu at the L&T Salad and Soup, the Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich brings part of Vietnam to BYU campus.  Served on your choice of bread filled with sweet pork or grilled chicken, cucumbers, pickled carrots, pickled red onions, radishes, cilantro, shaved jalapenos, croutons and a sweet chili dressing, this is sandwich will add a unique twist into your day.  Come down to the Cougareat and try the new menu at the L&T Salad and Soup.

Summer Dating

By: Amberly Asay

“Summer loving happened so fast,” and time seems to continually move faster and faster. Time together is precious and on lazy summer nights it is good to go back to the slower times together.


Have a delicious date night focused on all the things you loved as a child.  Start your evening with a lemonade stand selling your fresh squeezed, delicious lemonade (see page for helpful hints on making lemonade) for just a few cents per cup. Once you sell the lemonade be sure to divide the pennies evenly among the two of you.


Have a romantic picnic on top of a building or at your favorite park eating: grilled cheese, fresh fruit and popsicles. These summer foods you ate as a child, will soon become your favorite again.  If you want to make it a candle light picnic bring some candles, and roast starbursts and fruit snacks (another childhood favorite) over the flames. If you’re on top of a building, be sure you don’t violate any fire codes or safety rules.


As the stars come out get next to a fire or wrap smores in tin foil and cook in the oven. Then, eat your smores under the calm summer sky.  With clear weather and a wonderful date, reminiscing childhood memories and the stars above, this delicious date could never go wrong…unless it rains of course.