Jun 26, 2013

Thai Chicken Tacos

Here's a video from Studio 5 on KSL featuring Campus Floral's Michelle Virtue Jensen. Michelle prepares one of her favorite Thai fusion dishes and shares the recipe on the show. Great job Michelle, and thanks for sharing!

Jun 24, 2013

Cut the Cake

By: Amberly Asay

We all know those people who we don't want anywhere near our cakes, and we especially do not want them cutting them.  Why?  Because they destroy them of course.  Well, this is a simple tip for cutting the perfect slice of cake and other soft bakery items without making a mess.

Use unscented dental floss or fishing line to cut cakes, cheese and other soft solids perfectly.  Simply hold the floss tight and cut across.  Then, slide the floss out along the bottom of the platter.  With this tip, you can cut clean slices of cake in straight lines without disrupting the icing and creating a crumbly mess.

Check out this video where we illustrate the simple technique required to produce perfect cuts:

Jun 19, 2013

Use a fork to dip your Oreo cookies in milk while keeping your fingers clean.

By: Amberly Asay

We all have our favorite cookie, but according to one brand they are "America's Favorite Cookie".  The Oreo was developed in 1912 and has been a staple for most children ever since.  They did have their dark days in the 1920s with a lemon filled variety, but they seem to have gotten it right since then.

Since this dessert is such a favorite, we decided we would share a simple tip to make your Oreo cookie eating experience just a little bit better.  Put the tip of a fork through the creamy center of an Oreo cookie, so your fingers don't get messy when dunking them in your milk. This way, you can enjoy the sugary goodness of your cookie without making a mess or chilling your fingers in cold milk.  

Jun 17, 2013

Rainbow Cake

By: Amberly Asay

Summer is here ,and there are many fun recipes and cute ideas that can be implemented during this warm season.  One of my favorites is the rainbow cake.  All you need is two white cake mixes and some food gel coloring.  Not food coloring, but gel food coloring.

Make your cake mixes and separate them into six different bowls.  Take your food gel, and place into each bowl: green, blue, purple, yellow, orange and red.  Mix the food coloring in the batter.  Place each color of batter into its own cake pan.  Cook each cake for fifteen minutes, or until it is done.  Let all of the layers cool before frosting with cream cheese frosting.

Immediately after frosting your cake, be sure to cover it with rainbow sprinkles.  The most effective way to frost and sprinkle it is by frosting two layers together and then rolling it in a pan of sprinkles.  Do that with the three different cake layers and then stick it all together. 

Jun 12, 2013

60 Things you can do with a Y-shaped Cookie Cutter from the BYU Creamery

  1. Cookies
  2. Rice Krispie Treats
  3. Pancakes
  4. Jello Y
  5. Brownies
  6. Sand Sculpture
  7. Pizza
  8. Y-shaped Peanut Butter and Jelly
  9. Y-shaped Mini Cakes
  10. Carve Pumpkins
  11. Make clay ornaments
  12. Popsicle
  13. Y-shaped Pepperoni for Pizza
  14. Watermelon
  15. Use as a photo frame
  16. Fried Egg
  17. Make a pin cushion
  18. Make a wreath
  19. Use as a napkin ring
  20. Bruleed Mini Cheesecakes
  21. Organize candy in a tin gift pan
  22. Make a Y-crayon (melt it)
  23. Freeze whip cream on a cookie sheet and cut out Y's to go in hot chocolate
  24. Cut cheese with them
  25. Put felted elbow pads on sleeves
  26. Make homemade cards
  27. Cake Decorating (sparkles inside an indent on a cake)
  28. Ice Cream Sandwiches
  29. Toast
  30. French Toast
  31. Cream Cheese Mold
  32. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  33. Stocking Stuffers
  34. Fridge Magnet
  35. Ice Cream Mold
  36. Butter Mold
  37. Beach Toy
  38. Stationary Stencil
  39. Place Cards
  40. Balloon Weights
  41. Quilt Patterns
  42. Cut out play dough shapes
  43. Bread Dough Shapes
  44. Fudge (Bookstore fudge?)
  45. Making soap
  46. Homemade Chocolates
  47. Hamburgers
  48. Drink Coasters
  49. Give as a gift!
  50. Use as a key holder (keychain)
  51. Make a bird feeder
  52. Create a floating candle
  53. Stained Glass Candy (using jolly ranchers)
  54. Make a cookie cutter night light
  55. Paint an autumn tree (using the Y as a stencil for the leaves)
  56. Cut out a Y of beeswax and connect it to a pillar candle
  57. Create a bird feeder
  58. Make baked cheddar crackers
  59. Cookie Cutter Handle Glued Onto Glass (cup)
  60. Ice Cubes 
Need to get one of these classic metal cookie cutters?  You can buy one at the BYU Creamery on Ninth East or online from the BYU Bookstore

Here's the link:

Jun 7, 2013

Cereal 24/7

By: Amberly Asay

Living on your own you may realize a couple of things.  You have to learn to be strong, to be happy, to forgive, to study and most importantly how to cook.  When learning how to cook many people realize they love the creative outlet it provides as much as the nourishing comfort of the food itself.  But cooking takes time and money for a lot of ingredients that might not already exist in your kitchen.

Well General Mills and Betty Crocker have created a fabulous website that helps people come up with recipes using the easiest ingredients from the college student's main food group, cereal!  Did you know you can make chicken, desserts, snacks and smoothies with your favorite breakfast cereals?

The Betty Crocker website gives you themed recipes for full course meals and desserts.  It contains some classic treats, tips and awesome date ideas.  We hope that you enjoy cooking with your favorite cereals as much as we have. 

Visit the website to browse this collection of fun recipes: