Dec 4, 2013

Christmas Lights

By: Amberly Asay

Looking at Christmas lights is one of my favorite activities during the holidays.  I love the look of the
soft, glowing lights on the white, powdery, fresh snow.  With Christmas music softly playing in the background, it can be the perfect holiday night.  Bringing some hot chocolate on the drive always helps with the mood.

However, if you just want a car full of friends looking at the beauty, you can make it more of a competition.  Create a Christmas Scavenger Hunt and the winner can be crowned your own, "Holiday Cheermeister".

Can you find?
A snowman?
Mickey Mouse?
A reindeer with a red nose?
A twinkly wreath?
A penguin?
A snowglobe?
A dolpin?
3 deer together?
Colored lights on a tree?
Blue lights?
Nativity Scene?
The Grinch?
Green lights?
Red lights?

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