Sep 3, 2014

Trotolle Pasta Salad with Vegetables and Sherry Vinegar Dressing

1.5Lb.  Trotolle Pasta (Cooked in Salted Water Al Dente)
.75Cp.  Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes (Halved)
1.5 Cp.  Heirloom Tomatoes (Large Diced)
1 Cp.  Armenian Cucumber (Medium Diced
.5 Cp.  Gita Pole Bean (Blanched and Cut)
.5 Cp.  Gypsy Peppers (Small Diced)
.25 Cp.  Red Onions (Small Diced)
.5 Cp.  Capers
.5 Cp.   Parmesan Cheese (Shredded)

1 Cp.   Olive oil
.5 Cp.  Sherry Vinegar
.25 Cp.  White Balsamic Vinegar
3 Tb.  Garlic
2 Tb.  Dijon Mustard
1 Tb.  Brown Sugar
TT  Salt
TT  Pepper

In a large mixing bowl combine oil and vinegar and mix vigorously. Add all seasonings; mix well. Add cut vegetables; mix well. Stir in cooled pasta. Serve Chilled.

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