Jul 2, 2013

Festive Fourth of July Drink

By: Amberly Asay

Independence Day is among us and it is time to celebrate.  Everyone is having barbecues, lighting fireworks and just having a grand old time.  But there is one drink that will wow your guests and have them focused on their taste buds more than the fireworks.

Layered drinks are fun to make and delicious to the taste.  You can stack your drinks in layers within a single glass based upon the sugar concentration in each beverage.  Put the most sugary drink in first, then the second and the least sugary drink on top. Based on the order of color you want, the drinks you use will vary.

If you want to do a red, blue and white drink, get cranberry juice, blue Gatorade and Diet 7up or Diet Sprite.  Fill your glass to the top with ice, and slowly pour in the cranberry juice until the glass is a third of the way full.  Then get your Gatorade, and SLOWLY pour in another third.  And finally top it off with your Sprite.

We wanted a different order with white on the bottom, red in the middle and blue on the top. We used Pina Colada Sobe, Fruit Punch Powerade and Powerade Zero for the top.  Watch the video below to see our experiment in action! 

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