Oct 7, 2013

White Bean, Chicken Chili

2 Tb. Olive Oil
1 Tb. Whole Butter
3 Tb. Flour
1 1/2 lb. Ground Chicken Meat or (Turkey)
1 Cp. Large Diced Yellow Onion
1 Tb. Minced Garlic
1 Tb. Ground Cumin
1 Tb. Fennel Seeds
1 Tb. Dried Oregano
2 Tb. Chili Powder
1. Cp. Fresh or Frozen Corn
1/4 Cp. Green Chilies (Anaheim)
4 Cp. Chicken Broth
3 Cp. White Beans Great Northern (cooked)
TT. Salt, Black Pepper
1/4 Cp. Cilantro minced

In soup pot, cook ground chicken, onion, garlic with olive oil and butter.  Once chicken is cooked add flour, cumin, oregano, and fennel and continue to cook for five more minutes.  Add the chicken broth, green chilies, white beans and corn bringing up to a simmer stirring while it thickens.  Once the soup is at a simmer add chili powder, salt and pepper adjusting seasoning as needed.  Simmer for about an hour, add cilantro at the end and it is ready for service.  Serve with sour cream and garnish of choice.

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