Feb 10, 2014

41 Non-candy Valentines Day sayings.

Sometimes you need to do something out of the ordinary like giving a Valentine that doesn't include a piece of candy.  Below we have some Valentines sayings, that are a little cheesy but include gifts that are not candy!
  1. "You are the highlight of my day."
    • Highlighter
  2. "Happy Valentines day for crayon out loud."
    • Crayons
  3. "You're #1 in my book."
    • A bookmark or book
  4. "Valentine, I pick you."
    • Fresh picked flowers
  5. "I think you are just write."
    • Pen
  6. "I wheelie like you."
    • Matchbox cars
  7. "I'm stuck on you." 
    • Stickers
  8. "You make my heart swirl."
    • Crazy straw
  9. "You make my heart bounce."
    • Bouncy ball
  10. "What are the chances I have a shot at being your Valentine."
    • Nerf gun
  11. "Love is a battlefield."
    • Nerf gun or GI Joe
  12. "Doh you want to be my Valentine?"
    • Play Dough
  13. "You make my heart glow."
    • Glow sticks
  14. "You light up my life."
    • Candle
  15. "I've had my eye on you."
    • Magnifying glass
  16. "You blow my mind."
    • Bubbles
  17. "Valentine, never lego my heart."
    • Legos
  18. "May the force be with you this Valentines Day."
    • Lightsaber or glowstick
  19. "I'm so glad we are in the same school."
    • Goldfish crackers
  20. "Spread the love."
    • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  21. "I'm gonna pop you a corny question, will you be my Valentine?"
    • Popcorn
  22. "You're the apple of my eye."
    • Apple
  23. "You're the Kool-est"
    • Kool-Aid
  24. "Will you o'fish-ally be my valentine?"
    • Goldfish or Swedish Fish
  25. "I have a crush on you."
    • Crush Soda
  26. "Yoohoo wanna be my Valentine?"
    • Yoohoo Drink
  27. "Valentine, you are the raisin I'm smiling."
    • Raisins
  28. "I think you are a real cutie."
    • Cuties
  29. "I'm going bananas over you."
    • Bananas
  30. "We make the perfect pair."
    • Pears
  31. "Bear hugs."
    • Golden Grahams
  32. "You are my lucky charm."
    • Lucky Charms Cereal, four leaf clover, or a rabbit's foot.
  33. "I'm not playing Trix, I really like you."
    • Trix cereal
  34. "Wishing you love trust, and pixie dust."
    • Pixie Dust (glitter) or the book Peter Pan
  35. "Don't ever change."
    • Coins
  36. "We're the perfect pair."
    • Pears
  37. "Bee mine."
    • Beeswax lip balm
  38. "You make me feel better."
    • Band-aids
  39. "You make the world sparkle."
    • Sparklers or glitter
  40. "I can't smile without you."
    • Toothbrush
  41. "You are sew special to me."
    • Sewing kit

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