May 23, 2014

Oh, what do we do in the summertime?

By: Amberly Asay

Summers in Provo are some of the most fun summers ever.  There are so many things to do and so many adventures to have.  I suggest making a list of 50 things you want to do this summer.  There are also many day trips that you can make to National Parks.  Gather your friends into a car, all pay for gas and then you are set.  Write them all down and put them in a mason jar.  Every couple of days pick one of the slips of paper and make sure you do the event that week!  Below I have gathered some great and fun ideas:

There are 8 Utah Restaurants that are worth the trip try to visit most of them, especially when you are traveling to different state parks:

  1. Visit the "Up House" in Herriman, Utah
  2. Canyoneer the Subway at Zion National Park
  3. Swim in the Crater at the Homestead
  4. Visit the Four Corners! (Where Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado all meet) 
  5. Visit Bryce Canyon 
  6. Visit Arches National Park 
  7. Visit the Kennecott Copper Mine 
  8. Dress up like Safari Guides and take a trip to the Hogle Zoo
  9. Go and float down a river and then soak in some warm water by visiting Lava Hot Springs  
  10. If you want to be really ambitious visit every Utah Temple!  This will not only be a memorable experience for you and your friends but also be spiritually strengthening
  11. Find someone with a boat and visit Lake Powell!  Or just go to Lake Powell and enjoy the water
  12. Take a trip, and be a part of history by visiting the Anasazi Cliff Dwellings 
  13. Take a trip to Cedar City, and go back over 400 years by attending the Shakespeare Festival . You will not only be entertained, but you will take part in a really fun celebration.
  14. Probably one of the most popular things to do in our community, attend the Twilight Concert Series! Admission is only $5, and all events are held in Pioneer Park.
  15. Take a nice relaxing drive through the Alpine Loop.
  16. Join Carrie Underwood and enjoy the Stadium of Fire.
  17. If you thought Drive-In Movies were gone, then you are wrong!  They are still in West Valley and a great date or group activity. 
  18. Cool off at Seven Peaks- Provo's Water Park.
  19. Rock climbing is available to people of all ages in Provo.  There are several indoor facilities as well as many outdoor routes in Utah County.
  20. Be sure to visit Bridal Veil Falls.  It's a breathtaking double cataract waterfall.  Great for hiking, and there are even some bike trails. 
  21. Eat a snow cone! Thankfully Provo has many shacks which offer such treats. 
  22. Want to have a fun date roasting treats but don't want to make a fire?  No problem just light some candles and roast fruit snacks (which crystalize very nicely) and candies over the flame.  
  23. Visit one of Utah county's reservoir or lakes.  You can go swimming or fishing.  You can purchase your fishing permit at Wal-Mart or online.
  24. Hike the Y! If you hike it around twilight, you can watch the sun set and see the city below light up.  Remember to bring a flashlight or headlamp for the hike back down.
  25. Go to the Mormon Miracle Pageant- June 19-21 and 24-28
  26. Wishing you were spending the summer near an ocean?  Don't worry here in Provo you can have the beach.  Just go to the Provo Beach Resort for surfing, ropes courses, arcade games, virtual golf, bowling, croquet and much more. 
  27. Want to become more cultured and learned over your summer holiday but don't want to go to school?  Don't worry!  The Springville Museum of Art offers several free concerts, tours and relaxing days in the sculpture garden. 
  28. Dive into the depths of the sea by visiting the NEW Living Planet Aquarium in Draper.  They just opened March 25 and are a fun activity for people of all ages. 
  29. Get an individual annual pass to Thanksgiving Point.  For just $55 (the price of one decent dinner date), you can get yourself free admission to the gardens, museums, and Farm Country for the whole year.  Then, every time you bring a date, you only pay half price for your date's admission and nothing for your own, which makes for some inexpensive dates with a fun and often romantic atmosphere.  There are additional benefits like discounts on food and retail purchases, discounts on classes, early admission to the TGP gardens, early notification for classes, events, and other programs, a passport that gets you free admission to hundreds of museums nation wide, and the opportunity to support a local community cause.   

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