Oct 30, 2014

Thai Curry Corn Chowder

Yield: 2 Quarts

2 Tb.    Sesame Oil
1 Tb.   Ginger Puree
1 Tb.    Garlic Minced
½ Cp.   Onions Diced
1 Cp.   Carrots Diced
1 Cp,   Potato Diced
2 Cp.    Frozen Kernel Corn (Fresh Corn Cut from Cob)
2 Tb.   Red Curry Paste
1 T   Curry Powder
1 Tb.   Fish Sauce
3 Cp.   Chicken Stock
1 Tb   Brown Sugar
T.T.    Salt and Pepper
1 Ea.    Lime Juice fresh squeezed
1 Tb.   Sambal
½ Cp.   Cream of Coconut
¼ Cp.   Cream
3 Tb.   Cilantro Minced Fine

In sauce pan combine on medium high heat, Sesame oil, Ginger puree, garlic, onions, carrots, potato, and curry powder. Sauté until opaque on medium high heat, add Chicken Stock, Red curry paste, fish sauce, and corn allow to simmer until vegetables are tender.  Add to the soup lime, sambal chilies, sugar simmer adjusting seasoning finish with corn, cream and fresh parsley.

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